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You can easily create a new Word Export Template that can be used by the solution.

Just open MS Word, design the template, and place the tokens for each of the fields you want to show up in your export file.

An important aspect is to write the token in one run, otherwise the application will not recognize the token.
If your token is not recognized, this is probably the issue.


  • If you write the token #=Modified=# to the template file - this will work.
  • If later on, you decide you want to apply formatting to the token, and add {dd.MM.yyyy} to the token, this will not work, as Word treats them as two separate runs : "#=Modified" and "{dd.MM.yyyy}=#"
  • In order to make it work, remove your initial token, and write the new one in one run : "#=Modified{dd.MM.yyyy}=#"

You can always troubleshoot your export template if you use an archiver (e.g. 7-zip) to unzip the Word template and check its xml contents.

The next step is to upload your template in the "Word Exporter Templates Library" from your site, and fill in the field "List Title" to associate the template with a specific list.

Now you can navigate to your list, and start using the export functionality!

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